First blog post

For quite some time, I’ve been searching for a way to write about my wide and quirky interests and keep them in one place. It appears the best course of action for such a task is to use a blog. So I have started a blog. My interests mainly consist of the following: tokusatsu, various East Asian films in all kinds of variety but here it tends to be Hong Kong films. But that also means, I am into foreign films so non-East Asian ones also capture my interest. But notably, French ones. Although I’m not big into anime as before, I may devote some time to review some anime in the future. But I can’t promise that will happen someday. Video games are an interest of mine as well. In short, the things that tend to be popular in the geekdom tend to interest me. Which of course means I love Star Wars.

I would talk about myself but I find that I have a hard time speaking about myself. I don’t think that I’m interesting enough to embellish myself too much. Let’s just say, I’m a bored guy with quirky interests trying to pass the time.


I’m still working to improve my writing abilities, but especially my grammar. So, please excuse any embarrassing grammatical errors.  I want to improve, and I hope my writing will improve in this aspect someday.  If all of this reviewing serves any purpose,  it’s a chance to improve my writing.




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