Whatever You Want: Wong Jing’s Speed!


Directed by: Wong Jing

Written by: Wong Jing

Produced by: Mona Fong Yat-Wah

Cast: Anita Yuen, Michael Wong, Christy Chung, Jordan Chan, Mimi Chu Mai-Mai, Wu Fung, Sheila Chan, Law Kar-Ying, Wong Yat-Fei, Lynne Langdon, Tan Lap-Man, and Dave Lam Ching


A much-ignored daughter of a businessman, Ko Siao-Ping finds herself a pearl and genie that can grant her 3 wishes. High jinks ensue, but in the process, she tries to connect with a sister that doesn’t even know she exists.

Whatever You Want is a Wong Jing feature. Those familiar with Hong Kong cinema will know what that means. His name has become synonymous with high jinks and low brow humor. And Whatever You Want is a low brow comedy; the jokes aren’t very sophisticated and even particularly clever most of the time. Most of the jokes look like they were made to entertain teenage boys, but even under the guise of this, a few of the jokes can be clever. One is a form of nice self-deprecation, and the other is almost a stab at his critics who mock his style by parodying arguably the most famous avant-garde director of Hong Kong cinema: Wong Kar-wai. Pretentiousness and high art may not be in Whatever You Want’s DNA yet the movie does have some heart to its story. I sense that heart arises more out of Anita Yuen’s charm than the actual script of the film. When the world is hopelessly cruel to her, you can’t help but feel sorry for her since Ping doesn’t let it get to her. What’s more, she is constantly sacrificing her happiness for others. The sister relationship and Ping’s character are the only things that add to warmth to what is. Otherwise, a film that is a series of sex jokes and crazy high jinks. But even, the sister relationship is held back by how undeveloped Ping’s older half-sister is. If you love Wong Jing’s humor, you will enjoy this film. For those unfamiliar with Hong Kong cinema, think of the humor, you would find in the Scary Movie franchise.

PS: I saw this movie a few month before writing this review. I had a sudden urge to write a review about it. The film isn’t too fresh in my mind that might explain the short length.


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