Main Theme:”Overcoming loneliness doesn’t mean love.”

Directed by Yoshimitsu Morita
Produced by
Written by Yoshio Kataoka and Yoshimitsu Morita
Cast: Hiroko Yakushimaru, Hironobu Nomura, Kazuo Zaitsu and Machiko Watanabe



The love affair between a young kindergarten teacher and a young magician as they are unsure if they have feelings for each other and fall in love with other people.


Main Theme is a romantic drama dealing with a series of interconnected love affairs. Unfortunately, the actual romantic drama is neither too solid or entertaining enough. The actual drama arising from the potential cheating doesn’t come into its own until it’s too late and it’s resolved too easily for my liking. This weakness is made worse by the poor pacing; the Main Theme could use some serious trimming to speed things up. I felt the whole story could have been told with much less time; there are way too many unnecessary scenes. I wonder if this is because Main Theme was adapted from a novel, but regardless, it hurts the viewing experience. The characters of Main Theme aren’t the most charming bunch either besides the ever lovable Shibuki. Whatever heart this mediocre film has comes out of Shibuki, Shibuki’s innocence puts a smile on your face. Ken Daitojima, the magician of the movie, is probably the weakest link in the cast. The overly youthful appearance of his actor doesn’t make Ken either charming or charismatic; some of Ken’s motivations require better explanations. Ken’s fascination with his quirky pickup truck is too dorky to the point of annoyance. Wataru Okazaki and Kayoko Ise is too distant of characters though Kayoko suffers less from being underdeveloped. Shibuki and Ken’s romantic interest in Wataru and Kayoko seem like a pining for an older lover. Why this romantic fascination exists is never explored much though it makes some sense for immature people to seek maturity in a lover. A major highlight of Main Theme is its nice use of the Japanese seaside; it’s very inviting to look at. The humor here comes out at odd points though its randomness might amuse you. Main Theme is a mediocre film with too much fluff for its own good.



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