Loving You:”To Love Somebody; I am easy; Don’t Wait.”


Directed by Johnnie To
Produced by
Written by Yau Nai-Hoi
Cast: Sean Lau, Carman Lee, Lam Suet, Ruby Wong, Tou Chung-Hua
and Wong Wa-Wo

A selfish and corrupt cop who readily neglects his loving wife is forced to re-evaluate his life after he is nearly left for dead and learns that his wife is pregnant from an affair.

Loving You is a solid drama driven by powerful emotions. Sean Lau plays a cop in dying need of a lesson in humility. Lau’s jerkish tendencies aren’t overblown but kept quite down-to-earth and believable. Lau isn’t a total jackass, but more of a nice guy who has forgotten to be nice and unaware that he is selfish which makes his eventual change of heart a natural one, instead of a ham-fisted one. The first moments of this film is quite the mood setter. It felt like it was taking moments in other action films that would be used for slapstick, but subverts them with deadly consequences. The main villain here looks like he belongs in a Jet Li movie, but for all of his sensational villainy, his threat is never in question. Lau’s wife is shockingly sympathetic for an adulterous woman. However, the affair and the baby it produces does tackle the idea of commitment in a more even handed way. Now, Lau must forgive a mistake of his wife which keeps Lau
from simply relying on his wife’s good will for personal redemption. That approach has been done to death. Loving You is at its most tender when Lau enters his self-reflective phase and starts to see the people around him in different ways. It’s subtle and doesn’t become too indulgent with the over the top melodrama. Even though, the inclusion of unnecessary montages brings it close. Lau’s soul searching is packed with more than enough emotional resonance for a solid picture. Loving You is still a by-the-numbers product that doesn’t really exceed in anything beyond its melodrama, and the final confrontation  look liked it was designed  by Ringo Lam, but the melodrama still takes a good tug at your heartstrings.

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