Tricky Business: ”Using emotions is the highest state of tricking.”

Directed by Lee Lik-Chi
Produced by Wong Jing
Written by Vincent Kok Tak Chiu and Lee Lik Chi
Cast: Sean Lau, Anita Yuen,Law Kar-ying, Eric Kot,Jan Lamb, and
and Wyman Wong.

A master trickster gets a lesson in humility after he falls in love with a blind girl.

Tricky Business is hailed as the quasi-sequel to the Stephen Chow hit comedy Tricky Brains. Sean Lau as Ko Hing replaces Stephen Chow in the lead role as the deadpan master trickstar. While his comedic abilities are a bit subpar compared to Chow’s, the discrepancy is hardly bothersome. The comedy doesn’t reach the heights of Stephen Chow’s entry but still enjoyable enough for its ”expected the unexpected” quality . Creative in how you never know what to expect. The physical comedy bending the rules of logic hardly feels out of place due to the nonstop slapstick. Tricky Business does possess a lot of laughs that however isn’t enough to make it entirely an enjoyable experience . The comedy still falls flat since most of the gags aren’t that memorable. Most of Lau Ka Lin and Lau Huet’s antics, Ko Hing’s sidekicks border on the irritating and might on certain occasions be unfunny. Their buffoonery ends up being pure filler anyway. Tricky Business isn’t all fun and games. Ko Hing and Moon’s romance though comes off kind of as a spoof to their romantic adventures of their actors in prior films is still touching. Hong Kong romantic comedies are accustomed to wacky scenarios so the romantic scenes here are hardly any crazy outlier. Sean Lau and Anita Yuen’s natural romantic chemistry really elevate the romance. The self-aware routine of the entire romance makes it less stale and jibes well with the overwhelming wackiness.

Tricky Business is filled with some great pranks and some heart. But, the quality of those elements all too sporadic to result in a good film.

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