My Lucky Stars: The Lucky Stars Go To The Land of Rising Sun!

Year: 1985
Directed by Sammo Hung
Produced by
Written by Barry Wong
Cast: Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Eric Tsang, Richard Ng, Charlie Chin, Stanley Fung, Sibelle Hu, Walter Tso Tat-Wah, James Tien, Lam Ching-Ying, and Bolo Yeung

A convict in order to escape a prison sentence must go to Japan
to save the lives of two Hong Kong cops trapped there with aid of his rowdy gang.

Continuity-wise, it’s debatable if My Lucky Stars is actually a sequel to Winners and Sinners. Nonetheless, the spirit of Winners and Sinners is alive and well in My Lucky Stars. My Lucky Stars was the Lunar New Year comedy of 1985. Lunar New Year comedies tend to be harmless fun with an ensemble cast. My Lucky Stars is much the same but since is the 80s, it doubles as an action comedy. My Lucky Stars’ greatest strength or flaw is that it follows the beats of Winners and Sinners a bit too closely. Some may find the shadow that Winners and Sinners casts over My Lucky Stars a bit tiresome.
The formula of Winners and Sinners was pretty charmingly fun and the interplay between the players of Winners and Sinners was charmingly fun as well. Each exude a fun loving wit and personality. Although John Sham being replaced by Eric Tsang is arguable if it actually is an improvement, Eric Tsang still does more than enough to pull his own weight.

While My Lucky Stars’s Wing Jing-esque sleazy humor could be a bit maddening to watch for foreign audiences or just too plain crude to be funny. Some gags do look like they’re begging to be cut down for time. Considering that My Lucky Star was a huge smash hit at the time at the Hong Kong box office so its gags did reach their intended goals. My Lucky Stars does put its plot at the expense of its gags so if you don’t enjoy the humor, it will feel like rather a weak effort.

Nowadays, My Lucky Stars probably generates more interest for its action than its comedy. The action though exists only in short bursts is rock solid. The first sequence of action set within a Japanese theme park as Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao chase two criminals is an energetic prance of great car stunts and great choreography. The final throwdown excels but more eye catching highlights are Jackie donning a Doctor Slump costume trekking through a haunted amusement park ride and the prior surreal entanglements that Jackie fights.

My Lucky Stars is a hammy and sleazeball fest that might either check off the right boxes to entertain you or irritate you. It’s virtually plotless that has quite a bit of questionable humor yet is worthy of merit for some great action sequences.

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