The Confessor/ The Good Shepherd:”He wasn’t like you, Daniel. He believed.”

Year: 2004
Directed by Lewin Webb
Produced by Gary Howsam
Written by Brad Mirman

Cast: Christian Slater,Molly Parker, Stephen Rea, Gordon Pinsent,Nancy Beatty,Von Flores,Daniel Kash,Alex Paxton-Beesley,Jordan Hughes,Roman Podhora,Shawn Lawrence,Colin Glazer,Joan Gregson,Kyra Harper, and Tim Progosh

A priest takes it upon himself to solve a mystery of another priest accused of murder. The mystery gets even more complicated when the accused priest supposedly kills himself. Now, he must team up with a former flame to solve this harrowing mystery that could threaten his career as a priest.

In a 2004 offering, in what can best be described as a ”forgettable crime thriller”, Christian Slater puts in a stirring performance of a Catholic priest in the middle of an emotional crossroad. Daniel Clemens is a priest that is more focused on secular concerns than spiritual ones. The mystery forces him to reevaluate himself and his spirituality. That reinvention is probably the only saving grace of this overly banal thriller. Slater elevates a tepid script and story into something with a semblance of some emotional substance. Daniel’s world-weariness never cuts into the character’s greater sense of humanity. A certain nuance that Slater’s performance really nails. The realistic handle on how public reactions forces investigations to act is another element that should be praised. It help furthers Daniel’s conundrum in a more believable way.

Unfortunately, much of the murder mystery which is most of the plot is generally unsophisticated and dull. The reveal of the culprit is a clichéd mess that makes the whole affair a letdown. So, the entire mystery is poorly utilized to be effective and probably should have been reworked.

A sub-par crime thriller with the sophistication of a Hallmark original movie. But its sappy personal drama is oddly enough carried strongly by a strong lead actor that exalts the sub-par story.

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