Untamed Heart: ””I’m afraid if they take away my heart. I won’t be able to love the same.”

Year: 1993
Directed by Tony Bill
Produced by Tony Bill and Helen Buck Bartlett
Written by Tom Sierchio

Cast: Christian Slater,Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez,Kyle Secor,Willie Garson,James Cada, Gary Groomes,Claudia Wilkens and Pat Clemons

A waitress that has a bad string of bad luck with men starts a relationship with a mysterious coworker after he saves her.

Untamed Heart is one of those sappy love stories that couldn’t possibly exist in this rather self-conscious era of cinema. Untamed Heart’s romance is far from politically scrupulous. It is unabashedly sentimental in its style and content. Like its two central protagonists, Untamed Heart is too caught in the throes of love to care for the strange implications that it can stir up. When you get right down to it, it is the story of two bleeding hearts falling in love. Caroline is carried well by Marisa Tomei as a super affable lovelorn waitress. Adam is likewise carried strongly by Christian Slater in a powerful subdued performance. Rosie Perez’s Cindy is a loudmouth but ultimately a caring person that acts as the ”voice of reason” for Caroline. Caroline is physically vulnerable while Adam is supposed to be the emotionally vulnerable one . The romance uses this contrast as its impetus. Their bond naturally complements one another. Adam wants to deny any human contact when Caroline is always diving headlong into it.

The personal drama is entirely focused on Caroline and Adam. So, the plot’s intimate nature is never lost or even muddled. The romance does occasionally almost fall into the trap of becoming too hokey. But, the sentimentality never feels contrive since the general mood is always already quite quaint because of the Christmas time atmosphere. Untamed Heart moves at a slower pace which does grant more emotion and development to the romance. Since the story is so depended on the actors’ chemistry, a viewer’s interest will likewise hinge upon it too. When tragedy finally does strike, it’s heart-wrenching. While the tragedy doesn’t exactly catch your off guard per se, it’s still shocking to witness Adam and Caroline’s happiness being disrupted.

Untamed Heart is a heartfelt love story of two working-class joes. It has a dewy-eyed perspective on love and the emotions that fuel love. Untamed Heart is able to convince its audience to buy into that perspective through its tight chemistry and solid acting. But, it does run the risk of alienating some people because of its inappropriate implications.

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