Royal Warriors: ”go ahead… make my day”

Year: 1986
Directed by David Chung
Produced by John Shum
Written by Tsang Kan-Cheung
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Michael Wong, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Chan, Lam Wai, Kam Hing-Yin, Reiko Niwa, Kenneth Tsang, Chan Ging, and Pai Ying

After stopping an attempted airplane hijacking, the three figures that saved the day finds themselves targets of revenge.

Royal Warriors is living proof that good action is sometimes only thing you need to sustain audience interest for a film. The bare-bones plot is a thin pretext for the action to work its magic. The rhythmic energy that emanates from its 80s flair and the quick pacing is its greatest source of fun. The indescribable 80s style cheesiness is part of Royal Warriors’ irresistible charm.

Michelle Yeoh and Hiroyuki Sanada aren’t less cooler in their 80s getup. The two dish out many great scenes of action. The villains are imposing obstacles and the actors that play them are great martial artists as well. Michael Wong being a hopeless romantic is a questionable aspect of Royal Warriors that could leave some feeling irritated by his odd antics. Hong Kong action cinema has no qualms with mixing hokey melodrama and balls to the wall action. Royal Warriors does satiate in its overwrought sentimentality a bit too much but it’s perfect for the cheese factor and cutthroat undertone .

Royal Warriors is a fun hectic action comedy that just oozes 80s charm and style.

PS: Royal Warriors is supposed to be part of the loosely linked In the Line of Fire franchise.

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