Invincible: ”Only the strongest live in the Foreign Legion”

Year: 1992
Directed by Blackie Ko
Produced by Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen
Written by Chan Man-Keung and Nam Yin

Cast: Blacky Ko, Billy Blanks, Jerry Trimble, Dave Wong, Sharla Cheung, Lung Fong, Danny Lee, Stefanos Miltsakakis and Leung Kar-Yan

Forced to be on the run after killing a mobster, a meek man joins the French Foreign Legion in hopes of starting a new life.

Blackie Ko, the stuntman turned director joins the heroic bloodshed craze of the early 90s. Invincible is very much of its genre. Albeit, it is nearly not as refined or polished to come close to John Woo’s work. Yet, the intensity of Blackie Ko’s Invincible is apparent. Invincible puts its plot into motion with a striking immediacy. The rather hectic pace does render the main premise of the plot a bit weak and the forced romance incredibly rushed. Not to mention, Sharla Cheung’s character has an embarrassing lack of agency.

French Foreign Legion has been mythologized in popular culture over the years. Invincible doesn’t really celebrate the French Foreign Legion. Even, seems like hell-bent on portraying the French Foreign Legion as a little more than crude mercenaries. Toxic masculinity and repressed homosexuality abounds in the French Foreign Legion that’s portrayed in Invincible. Honor and glory is not found in Kit’s time in the legion. Kit’s transformation from a feeble coward to a hardened warrior does lack a certain finesse to be considered proper character development. But, the sheer endurance of Kit makes up for that shortcoming. The test of endurance doesn’t ever relent until the credit rolls.

A garbled and tactless heroic bloodshed film that almost rises above its flaws because of its emotional portrayal of the fierce endurance of a single man.

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