Crazy N’ The City:”Being crazy is my duty. ”

Year: 2005
Directed by James Yuen
Produced by Derek Yee and Henry Fong
Written by James Yuen, Law Yiu-Fai and Jessica Fong Ching
Cast: Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Yan Ng ,Francis Ng, Waise Lee, Kara Hui ,Zhang Meng, Hui Siu-Hung, Chloe Chiu, Alex Fong, Sam Lee, Chin Ka-Lok, and Ella Koon

An unenthusiastic cop gets a new lease on life after he is partnered with an idealistic rookie.

Chris Chan is a cop that’s no longer new to the job nor is he just a few years away from retirement. He’s fed up with the humdrum of being a beat cop. Chris adopts a jaded view of life and his career. The greatness of Crazy N’ The City is that crisscrosses his story with those around him in a touching and natural way. The skeletal plot works nicely since it allows the various personalities to move in and out of the story more organically. In a more poorly written story, the supporting characters would be treated as one-off plot devices. Crazy N’ The City has its supporting characters in a more substantial role by treating their struggles as important junctions to Chris Chan’s development. Yet, the struggles told well enough that they’re memorable in their own right.

Such as Wong Chi Shing, a mentally ill man whose wife has left him after she has a miscarriage. Not only, amazingly played by the ever-talented Francis Ng, but his awkward romance with a masseuse is heartwarming. Although there is an unneeded scene of passionate intimacy. Manly, Chris’s rookie partner easily earns your fondness through her naive passion. From the way the narrative is structured, it might be easy to think she is, in fact, the lead hero. But, Crazy N’ The City’s thin plot can accommodate shifts in perspectives well since her character arc isn’t isolated from Chris. Chris’s evolution is a well-earned change the core of the story centers around well while giving each other of the characters their proper end.

Crazy N’ The City is a brilliant exercise in how good stories don’t need high-stakes to be engaging but well-written characters with simple struggles can suffice. When it comes to storytelling, sometimes, modesty is the best policy. Chris and Manly’s struggles take that to heart.

Crazy N’ The City is a well-executed slice of life cop drama that reminds us the value of using the smaller moments of life to become the best version of ourselves.

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